to those who need temporary help or need to get around at fairs, festivals, cruises, vacations, casinos. Whatever your needs are we are here to help you the best we can!

What we Rent:
Some of our rentals include electric scooters and power chairs, walkers, rollators, knee walker, just to mention a few things. Most popular is our transportable scooter. They come apart to fit within your vehicle giving you mobility where ever you go!

JCMobility.com transportable scooter

Transportable Scooter
folds for convenience

Please reserve your mobility product early as you can and don’t hesitiate to contact us with your needs!

Rental Price:
The cost of your rental depends on your product needs and the length of time you need it; as well as if we deliver it to you or you pick it up at our location - which is less costly to you.

Most popular is our transportable, electric scooter rentals.

JC Mobility Solutions provides mobility product rentals

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